Social and Cultural Impact Assessments

About this Service

Social and Cultural Impact Assessments (SCIAs) address the potential social and cultural impacts on the Aboriginal stakeholders that a development will have.  SCIA’s need to be undertaken in the field in a manner that is open and transparent and which enables detailed research to be undertaken with the Aboriginal stakeholders.  The focused research results in the documentation of intangible values that would otherwise be missed.. The output from the research is important in that it benchmarks similar developments with others and aids ongoing engagement with all parties as a mechanism for minimising any negative impacts. 

Our firm will produce a report on the results of the SCIA, which will provide information on:

  • Native title rights and interests;
  • Aboriginal stakeholder perspectives;
  • Values and knowledge of project areas and environs; and
  • Assess the significance of potential cultural impacts and changes to Traditional Owners (and others).

SCIAs could provide:

  • Recommendations and suggestions to mitigate impacts and take advantage of opportunities; and
  • Advice on implementation and management strategies in relation to cultural impacts.

Culturally Sensitive Information
Our firm is experienced in handing culturally restricted information, to ensure that this is only available to suitable audiences. This includes the recording of Men's and Women's business purely for passing this information on to younger generations. All information that is shared with us is treated with appropriate respect and discretion.

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