Print Media

About this Service

Our firm can provide a range of print media options for your Corporation or firm, including the creation of newletters (to provide in-depth information about a range of topics, to give the community a strong appreciation of current news and events), posters and banners (provide concise, to-the-point information about specific topics in a visually appealing way, to capture people’s attention and compel them to learn more).

Steps that need to be undertaking in developing and presenting your print media, which our firm can undertake, include:

Compiling Information

  • Gathering news items from across your Corporation or firm, including the Elders, the Chair of the Board, the CEO, and staff;
  • Gathering information for cultural features, including interviews with the Elders, important cultural stories, language and artistic articles;
  • Preparing draft articles for approval by the appropriate staff in your Aboriginal Coroporation prior to publication; and
  • Maintaining a calendar of upcoming community events to highlight within a newsletter or small posters.

Desktop Publishing

  • Working with you to develop a newsletter look and format that best suits your Corporation or firm and your audience; and
  • Undertaking the desktop publishing to provide you with a finished newsletter to send out.


  • Organising the printing of your newsletter; and
  • Posting the newletter to the community.

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