Negotiation, Planning and Implementation of Heritage Agreements

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Our firm is actively engaged in the negotiation, planning and implementation of Aboriginal Heritage Agreements. This is a legal process that is usually instigated by a client wishing to undertake development activity on land in order to comply with the Aboriginal Heritage Act (1972) as well as the rights and interests of the native title claimant group/holders.

Our firm has extensive experience in working collaboratively with the legal teams of all parties and to provide best practice advice in order to ensure that there is a fair and balanced outcome that is practical and can be implemented effectively. Often our role is to mediate within the actual negotiation itself to ensure that a successful outcome is met.

Engaging our firm in the negotiation as well as to plan and implement the Aboriginal Heritage Agreement is sensible as it will ensure consistency and meets all public sector legal and process requirements as well as the expectations of the affected parties. Early engagement of our firm enables proposed development plans to be explained to and considered by Aboriginal people in a culturally acceptable manner through respectful facilitation of the core issues. Implementation of the Agreement by this firm in partnership with the affected parties is integral to a successful outcome.

Recent examples

Some examples of successful Aboriginal Heritage Agreements that our firm have been involved in are as follows:

RTIO Ngarluma Indigenous Land Use Agreement (Body Corporate Agreement):

Aboriginal Corporation: Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation
Proponent: Rio Tinto Iron Ore
Registered Date: 29/07/2011

Anketell Port, Infrastructure Corridor and Industrial Estates Agreement ILUA:

Aboriginal Corporation: Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation
Proponent: Department of State Development/State of Western Australia
Registered Date: 23/07/2014

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