Membership Databases

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Maintained, comprehensive membership databases are vital for the every-day running of Aboriginal Corporations.

Our firm can build highly-customised membership databases within FileMaker Pro to assist you in the management of your membership. Membership databases can have varying levels of security between users, ensuring that sensitive information is kept confidential.

Information that you may want to record within your membership database may include:

  • Contact information;
  • Financial information such as bank account details;
  • Membership of boards and committees;
  • Work history, including involvement in heritage projects and community events;
  • Task lists, to ensure nothing is forgotten;
  • Genealogical information such as parents and grandparents and their language group (if your Aboriginal Corporation does not already have an electronic genealogical database);
  • Links to other documents about the member, including letters or photographs;
  • Records of correspondence sent or conversations held with the member; and
  • General or detailed notes about the member.

In addition to recording detailed information, a range of features can also be included to assist in the daily management of your members, including:

  • One-click buttons to quickly write a letter, send an email, or print labels and other documents;
  • Generate customised membership reports;
  • Build in an event management system, to manage event details, guest lists, and agendas;
  • Mobile features, to access your membership database outside of the office; and
  • Create a look and colour scheme to the database that matches your Corporation’s image.

Once the membership database has been created, we can provide you with easy-to-follow user manuals if required to assist in the training of your staff.

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