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Our firm can provide logo design and is experienced in working with Aboriginal Corporations and Elder in developing a logo that suits your specific membership. Logos can be designed based on traditional stories or local natural features such as rivers or hills, and can be either traditional or contemporary in design.

Our firm is currently working with the Warrwa native title claimant group and the Bunuba Dawangarri Aboriginal Corporation to develop their logos.

Recent examples

The Winyama Project:

Client: The Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation

About the Logo: The Winyama Project was a major project undertaken in 2012 between the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation and Rio Tinto Iron Ore and entailed several extensive heritage surveys undertaken over 5,000 hectares. The project was named after the sea eagle, a bird of prey frequently seen in Ngarluma country, In consultation with the Ngarluma Elders, the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation and Rio Tinto Iron Ore, our firm designed the logo for the project, depicting the sea eagle in flight, the red sun and a waterhole. The logo was subsequently used to brand all Winyama Project materials, including all PPE especially ordered for the field work.


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