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It is important for Aboriginal Corporations to maintain accurate and up-to-date genealogical records for the following reasons:

  • It assists you to understand the connections between your constituents for improved engagement and personal service;
  • It provides an understanding of how prospective members connect back to your apical ancestors and ensures that your membership remains valid;
  • New native title claims require accurate genealogies related to your claim area, and maintaining these records facilitates your ability to fill in your Form 1 and collect affidavits from the appropriate people.

Our firm has a wealth of experience in reviewing, recording and establishing genealogical records of West Australia’s Aboriginal families and groups, and we have previously worked with groups such as the Ngarluma, Gobawarrah Minduwarrah Yinhawanga, Miriuwung Gajerrong, Warrwa, Ngarinyin and Goolarabooloo to build and update comprehensive genealogical records. Our firm has provided genealogies in the form of databases, reports and family trees using information from oral interviews, current and past membership documents, current and past reports and historical records. These services allow Aboriginal families and groups to record, update and preserve their genealogical history for organisation membership purposes and native title research.

As part of any genealogical research that is undertake, our firm can provide:

Preparation for genealogical research

  • The invitation of Elders and families to participate in the genealogical research; and
  • The identification of knowledgeable people and sources of further information in which to consult.

Initial research of existing data

  • The examination of any genealogical research on file to locate potential discrepancies or questions that need to be clarified during the later stages of the research.

Main research period

  • Intensive research to either build the genealogy or attempt to resolve any discrepancies or questions the existing data as required; and
  • Ethnographic research and interviews with the participating Elders and families.

Digitisation of data

  • Digitisation of the geneaological data into an electronic genealogical program.

Integration with existing Membership data

  • Cross-referencing of the genealogical data with Membeship Numbers for easy referral between documents.

On-going research and support

  • Periodical on-going research to continue to refine the genealogical data, answer questions or fix discrepanies that could not be resolved during the main research period; and
  • Update the genealogical data with new information as it becomes available (for example, births, marriages and deaths within the community).

In undertaking any genealogical research, it is vitally important that all Elders and knowledgable people are involved, so ensure that the data is as accurate and complete as possible. An indepth genealogical research process can be developed with your specific needs and constraints in mind.

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