Meeting Administration, Facilitation and Outcome Implementation

About this Service

Our firm provides administration and facilitation services for a number of Aboriginal boards, panels and businesses. Engaging our firm to provide this  support ensures that there is an increased understanding of the needs of Aboriginal people, the Government, and private sectors, and assists to mutually resolve any issues that might arise. The high level of transparent Aboriginal engagement that we insist on ensures broad scale support from the Aboriginal community.

Given the requirements of the Australian Taxation Office, our firm is able to employ the Aboriginal attendees as casual employees of our firm and address the superannuation, tax and insurance issues.

Meeting Administration

Our meeting administration includes:

  • Organising the venue, “Welcome to Country” by the appropriate Aboriginal group, providing appropriate catering, arranging suitable gender/age/health specific accommodation and technology required for the meeting;
  • Co-ordinating attendees, providing Agendas and Minutes of previous meetings to the attendees prior to the meeting;
  • Recording the meeting using Prezi, audio and visual recording if required;
  • Circulating Draft Minutes and responses to the meeting attendees;
  • Co-ordinating the paperwork required to pay and paying the Aboriginal attendees.

Meeting Facilitation

Our meeting facilitation includes:

  • Introducing all attendees in a culturally acceptable manner;
  • Ensuring that elderly attendees are acknowledged and any particular dietary, health, hearing and translation needs are continually monitored during the course of the meeting;
  • Monitoring the Agenda to ensure that it stays on track and on time;
  • Managing group processes including the rules;
  • Encouraging the participation of all attendees and explaining any points that are raised;
  • Developing strategies for collaboration and agreement between the parties;
  • Developing processes to ascertain the core issues and/or concerns of the Aboriginal attendees to ensure that they are heard; and
  • Accurately recording the resolutions and actions seeking informed agreement rom the attendees and if there is disagreement, understanding why.

Outcome Implementation

Our outcome implementation includes:

  • Documenting the outcomes identified during the meeting;
  • Recommending outcome activities and specific conditions;
  • Creating processes for the ongoing maintenance of outcome objectives;
  • Planning for outcome review milestones;
  • Organising workshops, advisory groups and other consultation processes as required; and
  • Designing toolkits, guidelines and checklists.

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