Archaeological Excavations

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Our firm is experienced in undertaking archaeological excavations and the salvage of Aboriginal sites and places as per the standard requirements of the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs for clients seeking consent under Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act (1972) to use land containing an Aboriginal site or plac for a particular purpose.  Scientific analysis of salvaged and excavated material can yield new information about Aboriginal prehistory and such information and discussion can be integrated into previous archaeological research of the wider area.  Additionally, the participation of the Aboriginal stakeholders in the excavation and analysis results in positive engagement as well as providing contemporary cultural interpretation of the use of the excavated objects.

Recent Examples

The Excavation of Seven Aboriginal Sites within the Winyama Project:

As part of the Winyama Project, which was undertaken by our firm for the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation for Rio Tinto Iron Ore in 2012, seven Aboriginal sites were excavated and analysed in the Cape Lambert area of the coastal Pilbara in Western Australia. More...

The Excavation of Ngurin #1 – Sharing Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Heritage:

In 2013, the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation and the Yindjibardni Aboriginal Corporation, together with our firm, signed an agreement to work collaboratively together to undertake the excavation of Ngurin #1. More...

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