Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Heritage Desktop Studies

About this Service

Our firm undertakes Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage desktop studies as a precursor to a heritage survey in order to provide a client with an appreciation of any known heritage issues that may affect an area of land.  This research is best suited to inform the early stages of project planning.

Desktop studies are undertaken in our office through on-line data bases (where applicable) as well as in the offices of relevant government agencies/organisations.  In order for our firm to provide accurate up to date information, we require a client to complete the form entitled Request for a Heritage Survey Budget Estimate (see the download link to the right).

Our firm produces a short form report on the results of our desktop studies, which will include:

  • The identification of any registered Aboriginal sites and places (Aboriginal and/or non-Aboriginal) and an analysis of the information that exists about these places;
  • The historical context of the land concerned including both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal history;
  • The identification of the key Aboriginal stakeholders be applicants or native title holders and/or other Aboriginal entities and corporations;
  • Identification of historic heritage survey related reports; and
  • Recommendations on how to proceed to ensure compliance with the relevant heritage legislation as well as the requirements of the key Aboriginal stakeholders.

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