Development and Implementation of Cultural Heritage Management Plans

About this Service

Our firm prepares Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMPs) to assist clients to develop their project in a manner that honours any formal Section 18 approvals from the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs while respecting the aspirations of the Aboriginal stakeholders to manage and protect agreed sites and places for the life of the project.  The CHMPs are based on an adaptive management principal to ensure that agreed protocols and procedures are in place that can change as required.

CHMPs provide information on the historical, social, environmental and aesthetic values of a project area that places the land into a wider context to ensure that those people working on site have an appreciation of those values. Furthermore, a CHMP offers guidance as to how to enhance the cultural heritage values of land on which a project is being constructed, investigates opportunities for how the Aboriginal stakeholders can be actively and relevantly engaged, how to undertake ongoing management of the cultural heritage through landscape design and other strategies.

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