Audio and Visual Recording of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage

About this Service

Our firm records both tangible and intangible Aboriginal cultural heritage and utilises a range of multimedia to clearly present and demonstrate this information. Recordings include:

  • Aboriginal sites and places;
  • Cultural mapping;
  • Stories;
  • Music;
  • Dance; and
  • Knowledge of the environment.

Once recorded, this information is presented using a wide variety of multimedia, including (but not limited to):

  • DVD and Broadcast quality documentaries;
  • Online media such as Google Earth;
  • Audio CDs;
  • Presentations and informative brochures; and
  • Written reports and documents.

Culturally Sensitive Information
Our firm is very experienced in handing culturally restricted information, to ensure that this is only available to suitable audiences. This includes the recording of Men's and Women's business purely for passing this information on to younger generations. All information that is shared with us is treated with appropriate respect and discretion and the Intellectual Property rights remain with the provider of that information.

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