The Story Box

Session 1: Charles Thomas Kickett

Session 2: Allan and Stacey Goodson

Session 3: Colleen Wheelock

Session 4: Joseph (Joe) Wallam and Clare Jones

Charles spoke about growing up in the reserve times and his experiences with the Native Welfare Governement Department. While discussing some of his proudest moments, Charles expressed his dreams and concerns for the future and the cultural importance of people telling their stories.

Allan and Stacey provided an oral history of their daughter Eva's first two years of life. Their recording is for Eva to listen to as she grows older. Such stories are keepsakes as families begin, change and share their experiences.

Colleen spoke about her memories of the 1960s era mission life in Western Australia, traveling to Perth for school and to Melbourne for holidays. Having spent time working in the State Government and in education, Colleen discussed the importance of oral histories and her hopes for education in Australia.

Clare interviewed Joe about growing up in Wagin, memories of his family and the strength of Noongar culture during the legislative assimilation policies of his youth. Joe spoke of the continued strength of Noongar culture and reminds listeners to laugh and celebrate in our changing world.

Session 5: Helen Corbett and Cat Katay

Session 6: Kia Dowell and Grady Stewart

Session 7: Delores Garlett and Karen Williams

Session 8: Fiona Hayward and Coral Penny

Helen is a Yamatji and Yawuru woman who works with the United Nations, promoting the rights of indigenous peoples. Cat works in Sydney managing digital story collections used in the education and health sectors. Helen and Cat discussed the importance of oral histories for Aboriginal people and the broader use of oral histories in education, health and international human rights

Grady interviewed his partner, Kia, who is a successful basketball player, university graduate and business owner, born in the eastern Kimberley. They spoke of Kia's experience growing up in Darwin and travelling the world, playing basketball while studying. Kia spoke proudly of her family lineage and her connection to country and aspirations for the future.

Delores and Karen told their individual stories that brought them together as friends. This oral history shares the strength, pain, challenges and joy of these two women and shows the value of being able to talk about life experiences. Their discussion included the issues of homelessness and alcohol. It is an amazing story of how we benefit from supporting each other in the community.

Coral and Fiona shared stories of their childhood, experiences of mission life in the 1970s, and the maintenance of tradition. They told of the current struggles for grandmothers in the community, and their aspirations for reconciliation and environmental sustainability in Australia.