About Our Firm

Our firm was established in 1994 mainly as an Aboriginal heritage service provider. Its founder and CEO, Nicholas Green, has over the years continuously brought together heritage practitioners who share his on going vision for providing a culturally appropriate and relevant adaptive framework for 'Best Practice' Cultural Heritage Resource Management or CHRM. Our firm’s heritage practitioners have been selected to specifically cater to the heritage requirements of the Aboriginal and the wider non-Aboriginal community.

Our firm has become one of the leading bodies in 'Best Practice' CHRM, with experience in all regions of Western Australia. Our firm is currently active in undertaking all aspects of Aboriginal heritage surveys in order to ensure that our industry and Government clients understand, actively endorse and willingly engage in the conduct of 'Best Practice' in CHRM which enables them to meet the internal expectations of their Reconciliation Action Plans, the provisions of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 as well as the expectations and aspirations of Aboriginal people be they applicants or holders pursuant to the Native Title Act 1993.

Our firm is actively engaged in the negotiation, planning and implementation of Aboriginal Heritage Agreements. Engaging our firm in the negotiation and development of such Agreements is considered to be sensible to ensure that the end Agreement is practical, meets all Government legal and process requirements as well as the expectations requirements of the affected parties. Early engagement of our firm enables proposed development plans to be explained to and considered by Aboriginal people in a culturally acceptable manner through respectful facilitation of the core issues. Implementation of the Agreement by this firm in partnership with the affected parties is integral to a successful outcome.