Core Conduct and Values

Careful transparent and accountable administration is a core value of our firm. Often handling large projects, our firm has in place accountable financial procedures to ensure that our work is on time and on budget.

Effective project management including direct ongoing engagement with accountability is another core value of our firm. Direct communication with the affected parties at all stages is essential.

Our firm prides itself in providing clear, concise and legally correct verbal and written advice. Our firm also undertakes research for native title claims, the development of culturally appropriate signage including street signs for housing developments, signage for open space and parklands that contain Aboriginal heritage values that are to be protected and/or showcased, the development of newsletters, brochures and other forms of media for public viewing.

A prerequisite to the conduct an Aboriginal heritage survey is a Desktop Aboriginal Heritage Research and Study. This research enables our firm to examine the public record as well as its own internal database on what Aboriginal heritage information is available to help guide a negotiation and/or a project in its early pre-development phase. Early planning input is essential in order to lessen the impact on Aboriginal heritage and to reduce potential planning and development costs for all parties.

A core role of our firm is the conduct of Aboriginal heritage surveys, which generally have both an ethnographic (anthropological) and archaeological component. Our firm employs a dedicated team of heritage practitioners, anthropologists and archaeologists, who undertake a considerable amount of recording intangible cultural heritage as well as tangible cultural heritage.

Our anthropologists are proficient in facilitating the engagement of Aboriginal people in Aboriginal heritage surveys and work in close collaboration with the archaeologists who are well versed in locating and recording Aboriginal sites, places and objects to the highest standards, again with the active participation and under the direction of Aboriginal people.

Whilst a significant amount of time is dedicated to the conduct of Aboriginal heritage surveys, documenting both the ethnographic and archaeological significance of country and more specifically Aboriginal sites and places, as well as Desktop Aboriginal Heritage Research and Studies for industry and Government clients and proponents, our firm is also engaged in various activities that work towards preserving intangible cultural heritage. These activities include recording the oral histories and traditional stories of Aboriginal Elders, and ensuring opportunities are provided to the younger generation of Aboriginal people to participate in the passing on of the intangible heritage from their Elders and peers.

These endeavours correspond with our core values, which include the documentation, protection and management of Aboriginal cultural heritage and the promotion of mechanisms to ensure that the future of Aboriginal cultural heritage is enhanced and protected in a culturally appropriate manner through the active engagement of Aboriginal people resulting in the provision of an array of viable opportunities including education, employment and cultural involvement.