'Best Practice' Cultural Heritage Resource Management

Anthropos Australis (WA) Pty Ltd is a Western Australian based business that provides professional cultural heritage resource management services throughout Australia, and is one of the leading bodies in 'Best Practice' Cultural Heritage Resource Management (CHRM) in Western Australia. These services include:

  • Negotiation, Development, Planning and Implementation of Aboriginal Heritage Agreements;
  • Meeting Administration, Facilitation and Outcome Implementation;
  • Project Management;
  • Desktop Aboriginal Heritage Research and Study;
  • Conduct of Aboriginal Heritage Surveys, both Anthropological (Ethnographic) and Archaeological;
  • Archaeological Excavations;
  • Development and Implementation of Cultural Heritage Management Plans;
  • Audio and Visual Recording of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage;
  • Cultural Heritage Inductions;
  • Conduct of Social and Cultural Impact Assessments;
  • Compliance with Heritage Legislation and Public Sector Procedures;
  • Preparation of media including logo design, print media and audio/visual media;
  • Genealogical Research;
  • Development of Membership databases; and
  • Production of Educational Material, Broadcast Quality Videos and Professional Reports.
By working in partnership with Traditional Owners, be they native title applicants and/or native title holders, through established Corporations and Native Title Prescribed Body Corporates, the firm provides Aboriginal people with greater control of the preservation and protection of their cultural heritage. This is achieved in a collaborative and respectful manner whilst appreciating and considering the development requirements of third parties.

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